About me - Dharmesh Vaya

I am a technologist known for my abilities of developing enterprise applications on Cloud Platforms and fostering a spirit of innovation among teams, with a diverse experience around Banking, e-Commerce, Media/Entertainment to name a few.

In my professional journey I have close to 16 years of IT experience and I work as a Senior Enterprise Architect for Cloud Application Modernization at VMware.

I am a Google Developer Expert for Google Cloud Platform & Payments category and also actively manage the Google Cloud Developers Community, Mumbai.

I enjoy writing blogs, tutorials, tinkering with new Cloud products and share the same by speaking at various conferences. I try and share my learnings/experiences with Students, Young Professionals/Startups by being a Mentor to help them scale up on Cloud Technologies.

This blog is built with the intention to share my learnings/experience with the broader community. It's my way of giving back what I could learn.

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