FlutterFlow Hackathon 2022

FlutterFlow Hackathon 2022


Problem Statement 1 : I want to develop a mobile app

Problem Statement 2 : I am not a mobile developer

Problem Statement 3 : I do not intend to learn coding and develop an app

SOLUTION : One solution to all of the 3 above is to use a No-Code/Low-Code Platform

But then which No-Code Platform should I use ?

Having tried multiple No-Code/Low-Code platforms for various use-cases, one platform that has caught my attention is FlutterFlow.io. A clear winner when it comes to develop apps using Flutter.

Top features that help me make this recommendation :

  • Integration with Firebase
  • Drag and Drop for UI design
  • Deploy as Android, iOS or Web App

+ It has a range of templates readily available to make apps in a jiffy.

Personally, I am a Cloud guy as you might have observed from my profile and have no experience with Mobile Apps and was able to design a small game in a couple of hours time.

Why should you use a No-Code/Low-Code platform ?

I came across several Medium/Small businesses wanting to have a basic mobile app about their organization, connect with suppliers, take local orders and manage them. Now they would be on a frugal IT spend as compared to large enterprises and cannot afford to hire full-time developers or a full-scale application. An easier option for them is to use such a platform and build the bare-minimum functionality they would need in the shortest possible time and at the same time giving robustness to the application as well.

Hackathon Page for my entry :


Try the Game App :

FlutterFlow - Build Mobile Apps With Ease

YouTube Link to App Demo :

Do give it a try and let me know your feedback on the same, I am sure you would be able to make a fantastic mobile app using FlutterFlow