How I built this blog ?

How I built this blog ?

Want to understand how is this blog built - which platform is used as a CMS and how is this hosted on .. This blog is exactly the place - Understand all the how-to's on running KloudZone as a blog ...

So the main site - is just a landing page hosted on Cloud Run. Know more about Cloud Run on my other post that shows how to deploy a simple app using Cloud Build and Cloud Run

This blog uses a popular CMS called Ghost - its an open-source CMS platform built on Node.js

Its super simple to deploy using the documentation given and here I have deployed it on an Ubuntu running on a Google Compute Engine VM.  

Installation Guide:

For the database, you can choose to use a locally running mysql or a native service on the cloud of your choice. I tried both - using a locally running MySQL and also using Cloud SQL on GCP.

Cloud SQL is definitely the costly route to go, whereas a locally running MySQL will not have a cost overhead.

Alternatively you can choose to have a sqlite3 database as well.